The butterfly : a symbol of hope, freedom, transformation. What does the butterfly mean to you?


This 100% pure silver pendant is the perfect mix of elegance and generosity. By wearing your unique Flutter Pendant, you are proudly showing your support for cancer research everywhere you go.

Valérie Goneau, founder of the Foundation, spent hours meticulously drawing this butterfly with her artist’s pencil and paper. In many ways, Valérie was inspired by butterflies. Their symbolism of hope and change for the future, their inherent beauty, delicateness yet valiant strength to fly into the strongest winds, all resonated with Valérie. Her drawing would be preserved and eventually became the official logo of  Valérie’s Flutter Foundation.


Quantities are limited on an annual basis.

Flutter Pendant


    Valérie's Flutter Foundation

    "A dream and purpose so compelling will never allow you to give up" - Valérie Goneau (2010) 

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