Help stop the spread of COVID-19 while supporting much needed cancer research! This reusable 2-layer mask is comfortable, breathable and stylish. 


Sizing & Colours

Small: Available in Purple only. Fits children and young adults. 

Medium: Available in Black. Fits adults. 

Large: Available in Black. Fits adults. 




Flutter Mask - Reusable 2-Layer

  • Please use the Flutter Mask responsibly and in accordince with official health guidelines for your area. Do not wear a Flutter Mask if you are sick, at high-risk, showing flu symptoms, work in a medical environment, or have recently returned from abroad. If you do meet any of these criteria, you need to wear a medical-grade face-mask. Valérie's Flutter Foundation does not take any responsibility for the misuse, mis-handling or non-diligence of the Flutter Mask. 

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"A dream and purpose so compelling will never allow you to give up" - Valérie Goneau (2010) 

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