Planned Giving

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Valérie's Legacy 

Even at the age of 20, Valérie knew the importance of leaving a positive legacy whereby she could continue to help those isn need. That's why she created Valérie's Flutter Foundation. Her vision was clear and ambitious: raising funds and awareness for the rare types of cancer in order to provide hope to those who will be affected by them. Now, years after she lost her battle, Valérie's Flutter Foundation continues to fund important and groundbreaking cancer research. Her legacy lives on. 

We invite you to make Valérie's legacy a part of yours. By leaving a bequest to Valérie's Flutter Foundation in your will, you will be playing an integral and long-lasting role in the fight against bone cancer. 

Considering Valérie's Flutter Foundation in your will 

Is a bequest the right fit for you? 


When planning your succession, providing for the financial security of your dependants, spouse or family members should be the priority. If a charitable gift fits within your plan, giving to Valérie's Flutter Foundation can be advantageous on numerous fronts, including: reducing tax burdens on those left behind, directly funding important research projects, having a lasting impact on those who will be facing their cancer battle in the years to come. 

We strongly suggest to speak with a legal representative when creating your will to ensure your wishes can be satisfied. There is no requirement to notify us of a bequest in your will, however we would love to know in order to plan and thank you and your family.

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Important information for your bequest

Full name & charity number : Valérie's Flutter Foundation  818330516 RR 0001

Address: 1901 Haig Drive, Ottawa ON, K1G 2J7 

Contact: Éric Goneau, President; Please contact us if you would like to discuss specific purposes of your gift. We want to ensure that the bequest is tailored to fit your wishes. 

Legal representatives: You may already have already retained a lawyer for your estate planning. If you have not, we would be happy to recommend trusted lawyers in our community.