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"A dream and purpose so compelling will never allow you to give up." Valérie Goneau

Cards of Courage

Valérie's Flutter Foundation spearheaded a project named "Le Projet Courage" with Jeanne-Sauvé Elementary School . Valérie's old elementary school, where she is known as a hero, wanted to highlight the importance of courage amongst the students. Therefore, the foundation visit every class to discuss the importance of courage in life, and what it means to be courageous. The students had wonderful, inspirational, and creative ideas of what the word courage means to them. After interacting with our volunteers, the students drew their idea of courage. Then, the whole school voted for their 6 favourite drawings.Therefore, we turned these drawings into professionally made cards.

The cards, drawn by 6 students of Jeanne-Sauvé Elementary School are meant to be given to everyone and anyone. More specifically, we want you to give a Card of Courage to someone who is being courageous, or who needs a little bit of courage to keep going. All proceeds will support rare-cancer research at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute in Ottawa, Ontario.

Package of 6 cards.

Price: $5.00

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