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"A dream and purpose so compelling will never allow you to give up." Valérie Goneau


Valérie’s Flutter Foundation finds it very important and necessary to work in the community. We all benefit when lots of people are engaged and become aware of significant causes. When people rally together and work to make a difference, anything is possible.

Based in Orléans, ON, Valérie’s Flutter Foundation looks to get involved in any way possible in its community. Valérie has long been involved with the Terry Fox Run in Orléans, and has taken the successes of the past years as an inspiration for the foundation. Whether it be creating a new event or participating in one, Valérie’s Flutter Foundation wishes to be active in its community and to help get others involved in the cause. Valérie’s Flutter Foundation also collaborates with others charities and fundraising movements, and strongly believes that the best way to success is through teamwork.