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Cancer research projects currently funded 

Oncolytic Maraba Virus MG1 as a Treatment for Sarcoma 

International Journal of Cancer – Published June 21, 2017. Read the full article here: Boeuf_et_al-2017-International_Journal_of_Cancer.

Valérie’s Flutter Foundation’s main goal is to raise as much money possible in order to fund countless cancer research projects.

With the help of a small committee of professionals and board directors, Valérie’s Flutter Foundation will select research projects that meet the foundation’s criteria and that it intends to fund.  Ninety to ninety-five percent  of funds raised through Valérie’s Flutter Foundation will go towards funding of cancer research projects.

At times, the foundation will hear of certain projects and research possibilities, and will often go looking for opportunities for funding.

However, Valérie’s Flutter Foundation is always more than happy to receive requests for funding for cancer research projects. There are so many opportunities out there, and the foundation wishes to help as many patients and researchers as possible with their great endeavours. Valérie’s Flutter Foundation is committed to advancing cancer research, especially to those who are under-funded and more rare, and to see that research is done where there is a great opportunity for success and ground-breaking discoveries.

Currently, the foundation is looking into funding a research project for sarcomas. The research is based in Ottawa and works with viruses as a successful treatment for different types of sarcomas. Valérie was presented the scope of work for the research as well as some of the thriving statistics.

** If you are interested in applying for a Research Grant from Valérie’s Flutter Foundation, please send an e-mail to, stating your:

  • Name
  • Company/Affiliation
  • Position
  • Contact information
  • Cancer type(s) researched
  • Description of the type of research to be accomplished
  • Reason for requesting a Research Grant from Valérie’s Flutter Foundation