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"A dream and purpose so compelling will never allow you to give up." Valérie Goneau

Executive Team

Valérie’s Flutter Foundation was created based on a dream to turn a difficult experience into an opportunity to make a difference. Valérie’s Flutter Foundation consists of a solid base of members who wish to fully commit themselves to advance cancer research and inform the community about the great positive possibilities that come from this disease. Each member is and has been directly affected by cancer and all of its obstacles. With different views, skills and experiences, the Executive Team is a well-rounded group that will bring creativity, professionalism and optimism to Valérie’s Flutter Foundation and to the community.


Éric Goneau, President:

 Éric joined the foundation as it’s President effective October 22nd, 2011. He brings to the foundation a continued vision of what his sister, Valérie had started. His energy towards building awareness and raising much needed funds for cancer research mirrors that of Valérie.  Éric is currently a third year university student yet his devotion to the goals and objectives of the foundation are unparalleled.

Anne Coulombe, General Manager & COO:
Valérie’s Flutter Foundation is a dream of Anne’s and  she is very excited about finding new and creative ways to raise money for cancer research.  Her creativity and attention to detail are a great asset to Valérie’s Flutter Foundation. Anne has amazing vision and wonderful ideas, which will undoubtedly help Valérie’s Flutter Foundation attain it’s goals.

Chris Goneau, Treasurer and CFO:
With a strong background in business and sales, Chris brings to the team years of experience in his field of specialty. Having battled cancer himself 13 years ago, Chris knows the implications of the disease and has witnessed first-hand, the advancement of cancer research and its benefits. His great business sense and marketing skills are an important benefit to Valérie’s Flutter Foundation. In addition, Chris has also been involved in various fundraising efforts  for several not-for-profit organizations and charities.

Jacqueline Goneau, Secretary & Chief Administrative Officer:
Jacqueline is a very experienced individual when it comes to customer service and administration. The team is thankful to receive her great understanding and passion for the field. With much experience working in a management position, she knows how to lead a team and make sure projects are completed on time and with care. Jacqueline has been touched twice with cancer in her immediate family, and Valérie’s Flutter Foundation is a wonderful tool for her to spread hope, faith and happiness to the community.

Sylvie Cadieux-Harris, Director-Education and Community Developement:
Sylivie brings to Valérie’s Flutter Foundation over 29 years of educational experience primarily with elementary-aged students. Sylvie’s value of the importance of education parallels that of Valérie’s Flutter Foundation and it’s co-founder, Valérie Goneau. In her role as Director – Education and Community Development, Sylvie is responsible for delivering to schools and to the community the message of courage, hope and perseverance that Valérie so strongly conveyed.